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By Tad Gage
If you weren’t scared off by the first part of this article, and you’ve decided to set aside some cigars for your aging experiments, here are some things to keep in mind.
A lighter, milder or more nuanced cigar will more quickly lose intensity and complexity than a robust, full-bodied cigar. All tobacco softens in character with age, so a mild cigar won’t develop more body, nor will a full-bodied stogie become more intense. They’ll all decline in intensity over time because of exposure to air.

Pipe tobaccos, which are frequently sealed in air-tight tins that eliminate air exchange, can age happily for years or even decades. Most of us can’t store cigars in an airtight environment, although an interesting experiment would be to vacuum seal cigars in a food storage unit and see what happens. The downside of this would be the potentially detrimental effects of depriving the cigars of air and moisture for a long period.

Ultimately, What Occurs With Aging?

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By Tad Gage
As a cigar smoker, aging a finished cigar is the one aspect of the cigar’s journey that we have some control over.
For that reason alone, there’s some fun to be had! You may never quite know what you’ll get, but who doesn’t like playing mad scientist? There are as many opinions on this topic as there are smokers, so I’d like to offer my thoughts – not as a definitive truth, but as something for further consideration.

First, a few truths related to aging a finished cigar I believe are universal:

  • Cigars can and will change with years of careful shelf-aging under close to optimal conditions. Exposure to sunlight, extreme temperature changes, or excess or insufficient humidification will lead to ruin.
  • Bloom can occur on a properly humidified cigar. This fine, whitish, slightly crystalline occurrence on the wrapper and/or foot of the cigar is generally agreed to be oils/sugars that have emerged from the aging tobacco and have dried. Bloom can range from spotty to covering the entire cigar. It should be carefully wiped off with a tissue before smoking the cigar and is considered a positive indication of significant aging that has no appreciable impact on flavor. More on this later.
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