By Gregory L. Pease, Associate Editor

Villiger’s La Libertad series has been known to European cigar smokers for some time, and the European market Honduran cigar has been amassing impressive reviews and strong ratings "over there," but what about us on this side of the puddle? At last, La Libertad is coming to America. Sort of. While we’re getting the name, and hopefully, the quality, it’s a different blend, made in different shapes from different tobaccos. And, by the way, it’s made in a different factory in a different country. So, what, exactly, are we getting? Let’s have a look.

Made in the Dominican Republic, the U.S. market version of this cigar wears a beautiful Peru-grown Havana seed wrapper over a Nicaraguan seed binder, also Peruvian, and a filler of Santo Domingo and Nicaraguan ligero tobaccos. I smoked the Robusto, at 5" x52, a slightly chubbier version of the classic vitola, and the delightfully proportioned Torpedo at 5-1/2" x52.

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