By Kevin Godbee
Villiger 1888 Robusto Cigar Reviews

La Libertad is a wonderful new cigar from Villiger that just recently hit the U.S. market. Although it has been available overseas for some time, as you’ll read in Greg’s review the American-market version is different than the European La Libertad. I had the pleasure to smoke La Libertad Robusto while sitting and talking to the actual makers of the cigar, José Gabriel Maragoto G. and Adaberto Ruizcalderon at Villiger’s party in Las Vegas. It was immensely enjoyable talking to the actual factory guys while smoking the cigar they helped design and manufacture. We talked about the different tobaccos used, growing, harvesting and curing the leaf, and the aging of the cigars.

It’s been said that a cigar will always taste better if you are smoking it in the presence of the master blender, and there is some truth to that. Señor Ruizcalderon even brought that up. When I told him that I loved the cigar, he humbly replied (in Spanish and translated for me) that it was only because he was there.

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