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By Russ Ouellette
When the Hoyo de Tradicion first arrived in our store a couple of years ago, or thereabouts, I had to do a double-take because the band, which is much different than the one we’re familiar with, looks a lot like the Cuban version. That intrigued me enough to try it, and I remember being happily surprised, but for some reason I didn’t revisit the cigar for quite some time.

When I was asked to review the Epicure, I recalled that I enjoyed the cigar and was eager to give it another try. The 5.75 x 45 box-pressed vitola has a nice rusty-colored Honduran Rosado wrapper with a nice sheen and fine veins. The pre-light aroma is the fairly typical barnyard scent, but there’s a slightly sweet spiciness in the aroma, and it shows up again in the pre-light draw, along with toast and a hint of dark chocolate.

This series has some unique aspects, such as the reddish-hued wrapper, the use of Connecticut-grown Habano for a binder and the addition of Nicaraguan filler from the volcanic island, Ometepe. I like products that take a fresh approach, because there’s almost always going to be a surprise, and this cigar is no exception.

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Unique Cigar GiftsTheSuper Hoyo de Monterrey Gift Collection of 3 Cigars includes the classic Hoyo de Monterrey, Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra, and Hoyo de Tradición, which makes for a great gift for the cigar lover. For an unbeatable price of $11.99, this three-pack contains an enticing range of flavors to make this attractive to an array of cigar lovers. The Super Hoyo Collection will be available beginning in October.

The unique multi country blend used to make Hoyo de Monterrey is medium bodied with a solid creamy flavor and great balance. The cigar is currently made under the supervision of Estello Padron at the Villizon Factory where other big names such as Punch are made today. Estello’s commitment to quality and perfection ensures that each Hoyo de Monterrey is worthy of the name. Hoyo de Monterrey is and always has been a classic. Smoked by new enthusiasts and aficionados alike, it has a versatile flavor that appeals to many palates.

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