By Tad Gage
Cigar ReviewLet’s say you
don’t have any immediate plans to be a cigar reviewer, but maybe you’d like to better understand what the reviews are describing. Or, perhaps you want to be a better judge of your own smokes. In my decades of enjoying, writing about and making recommendations to friends, or cigar lounge acquaintances, I believe I’ve nailed a few basics that can be pretty helpful in selecting and assessing your cigars.

Keep in mind – it’s a lot tougher to select cigars online than it is in a shop. You’re not only looking at pictures of the best smokes, but you can’t smell or feel what you’re buying. It’s why I’m a big believer in buying one cigar and trying it before committing to several, or an entire box (whether in a shop or an online sampler). No matter how tempting a good box deal or a positive review might be, until you can see that cigar up close and personal (and then smoke it), you never know what will work for you. I have many friends, who have smoked a lot of fine cigars, who went all-in on a box or two and ended up with a box or two (short of two cigars) because they didn’t enjoy it … for whatever reason.

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