By Tad Gage
I have seen and smoked an awful lot of cigars over the years,
but I’ve never encountered a band quite like one on this new offering from Achievement Cigar Company (ACC). The cigar is a 50 ring and about 6 inches, and the four-inch band covers most of the cigar. Just viewing it, I felt like I was watching a 1930s fan dance by Sally Rand: lots of tease, but what’s underneath? The reason I don’t like big cigar bands is that they can hide a lot of wrapper flaws, or try to "wow" you with elegance when there is nothing underneath.

So, cutting to the chase, I removed the band (which was lightly glued and, admittedly, easy to peel). Low and behold, this Sally Rand was smokin’ hot. This was one gloriously oily, deep brown Colorado wrapper. The three-piece cap, which you actually can see even with the band on, was seamlessly applied. I admit to not being familiar with this brand, which was founded in Ecuador in 1952 using only Ecuadorian tobacco, and which has evolved into a company utilizing a variety of leaf from numerous countries. ACC is a very well-kept secret, but no longer!

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