By C. R. S. Lyles
Consumer rights advocacy has been taking on a new role these past few years.

With the economy in shambles, foreign markets scooping up the debris of American companies and the general woe and misery that has seemed to pervade the public consciousness since mid- to late-2008, it is no small comfort to see the words "cigar rights" used in a context that isn’t accompanied by a scoff.

Cigar Rights of America, led by Executive Director Glynn Loope, is at the forefront of this evolution in consumer rights — H.R. 1639 and Senate Bill 1461, their weapons of choice.

"This is the first time in the political history of the cigar industry that the cigar enthusiasts of the country, the cigar retail community, and the manufacturing community are going on offense," said Loope. "For the first time, we’re not just trying to kill legislation — legislation is being initiated to help defend the cigar business against FDA regulations."

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