By Russ Ouellette
The Brioso brand
from General Cigar was introduced to be sold at brick and mortar (b&m) stores only. These budget smokes are intended to be sold at around $3.00 a stick, and come in four different sizes. The filler consists of tobacco from Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. The binder is Connecticut Habano and the wrapper comes from the Jamastran region of Honduras.

The cigar makes a decent appearance. The wrapper leaf isn’t overly veiny, and seemed fairly firm to the touch, and the pre-light draw was fine. Unlit, I got a grassy taste upon puffing and a hay-like smell with a slightly sour tinge.

This cigar had the elements to be a great value cigar- made by a well-known company, bundled to keep prices down, with a seemingly complex multi-national blend to give some depth. Everything was fine until…I lit it. The burn was okay for the price, pretty even, and I didn’t notice any soft spots. I also didn’t notice any flavor. There was a slight leathery taste and there was a woody quality. I like wood notes in a cigar, like the cedar in a good Cameroon or the oakiness that can be found in some medium-bodied smokes, but this was a very dry and bland woodiness, like balsa.

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