By Tad Gage
Bossner Pyramid Reserva Cleopatra Pyramid Cigar ReviewBossner offers a variety of lines
that include Dominican product and Nicaraguan leaf in the filler and binder, and a Brazilian wrapper. The Cleopatra features the most beautiful Brazilian Colorado wrapper I’ve ever seen. It’s lightly oily, and so free of large veins that it’s nearly seamless. Brazilian leaf is extensively used in filler tobacco blends to add its characteristic sweetness and body. While cultivation of Brazilian-grown leaf has made great strides in the past two decades, it is still an extremely difficult leaf to work with as a wrapper. It tends to be thick, tough and not particularly attractive. Bossner’s ability to incorporate this leaf into an attractive wrapper is a coup. While wrapper leaves fluctuate in how much they contribute to the cigar’s flavor based on several variables, this one showed the potential of offering even more flavor than usual.

Russian-born and Berlin-based entrepreneur Konstantin Bossner doesn’t say much in the way of describing his product, except that each size of cigar (and there are 18 or so) can range from temperamental or melancholy to manly or childlike. The company’s website is equally quirky for this exporter of Bossner premium cognac and confections. Okay, I can live with quirky, if there is a good product as the payoff.

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