By Tommy Zarzecki
If you are a lover of the leaf, you just may remember a time when all the world actually praised the cigar, smoking stogies was all the rage, and people couldn’t get enough of their premium aged hand-rolled happy sticks.
It was the mid-1990’s and this phenomenon was dubbed the "Cigar Boom", a time that brought new cigar smokers into this world at a frantic clip. I myself started smoking fine cigars in 1994 – a relative’s wedding was the occasion, and from that day on I was smitten by the aromatic scent and luscious taste of the Latin American leaf.

Looking back, I can flat out say that the Boom was an absolutely insane time in American history. Cigar stores were cropping up in towns more than McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts, and every bodega, deli, and gas station had countertop humidors displaying everything from total cigarbage, to premium blends, and all types of tobacco in between.

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