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By Cigar Chronicles Staff
If you’re shopping for the cigar lover on your holiday gift list, whether it’s for your husband, boyfriend, or your cigar smoking buddies, here are several great, mostly inexpensive items that we know we would enjoy receiving.

These are all from General Cigar, which produces several premium cigar brands including Partagas, Punch, Macanudo, CAO, La Gloria Cubana, and Cohiba amongst many others.

There are some great items with a wide range of prices that have just hit store shelves. They are available in limited quantities while supplies last, so shop soon so you don’t miss out on these wonderful cigar lover gifts.

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By Cigar Chronicles Staff
Matt Urbano, founder and owner of Urbano Cigars, describes his company’s just-released, second boutique premium cigar:
"Urbano Sumatra has a sweet, earthy flavor that settles into a creamy, ‘chocolaty’ smoke. It has a light, leathery finish and a luxurious white ash. Sumatra’s medium body complements our first introduction this summer, the medium-to-full-bodied Urbano Corojo, and is perfectly suited to mid-morning or early-afternoon relaxation."

The Urbano Sumatra has a sleek, satiny Sumatran wrapper, with an Indonesian binder and Dominican filler blend. Sumatra’s wrapper, like the Urbano Corojo, is triple-fermented, without scalding or other artificial means. This process yields a refined smoke, significantly reducing the tobacco’s nicotine and natural starches and sugars. Combine that with a full two years of aging of the tobaccos, and the result is a flavor-filled but smooth smoke.

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CAO is proud to present the Cuban Press Sampler. Featuring an old-world trunk press that is far more elaborate and time consuming than today’s methods, the delicate process begins when each wooden trunk press, consisting of a series of ten shelves, holding 20-25 cigars apiece, is closed. With great care, the press is closed once the cigars are in place and clamps are applied to distribute even pressure. After 12 hours, the clamps are released and each cigar is turned. Pressure is then applied to the other side for an equal amount of time. The end result is a uniquely pronounced, boxy-square shaped cigar that commands attention. These artisanally-shaped cigars are a must have for the CAO enthusiast and will be available for a SRP of $71.40, beginning in late October.

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CAO Champions is the ultimate collection of CAO’s highest rated and most sought-after cigars. CAO has produced no fewer than 10 brands that have been rated ’90’ or above by Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Insider.


Each is encased in an attractive CAO-red leatherette travel humidor.

The included cigars and their ratings are as follows;

1. CAO Vision Prana Natural (6 1/4 x 52) – Rated 92
2. CAO Cameroon Belicoso Natural (6 x 54) – Rated 92
3. CAO Brazilia Samba Maduro (6 1/4 x 54) – Rated 91
4. CAO Italia Novella Natural (4 1/2 x 46) – Rated 91
5. CAO America Monument Natural (6 1/4 x 54) – Rated 90
6. CAO Criollo Pato Natural (4 7/8 x 50) – Rated 90
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Unique Cigar GiftsTheSuper Hoyo de Monterrey Gift Collection of 3 Cigars includes the classic Hoyo de Monterrey, Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra, and Hoyo de Tradición, which makes for a great gift for the cigar lover. For an unbeatable price of $11.99, this three-pack contains an enticing range of flavors to make this attractive to an array of cigar lovers. The Super Hoyo Collection will be available beginning in October.

The unique multi country blend used to make Hoyo de Monterrey is medium bodied with a solid creamy flavor and great balance. The cigar is currently made under the supervision of Estello Padron at the Villizon Factory where other big names such as Punch are made today. Estello’s commitment to quality and perfection ensures that each Hoyo de Monterrey is worthy of the name. Hoyo de Monterrey is and always has been a classic. Smoked by new enthusiasts and aficionados alike, it has a versatile flavor that appeals to many palates.

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Cigar GiftsThe Punch Elite 3-Cigar Gift Collection includes the Punch EMS, Punch Gran Puro, and Punch Upper Cut cigars. Inside the eye-catching Punch Elite sampler are three square-pressed Elite frontmarks in the Punch EMS, Gran Puro, Upper Cut expressions. An unbeatable suggested retail price of $11.99 sweetens the deal. The Punch Elite Collection will be available beginning in October.

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La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Obelisco Cigar

You certainly can’t accuse the folks at La Gloria Cubana of not being creative, especially when you see the Artesanos de Obelisco cigar. It’s a figurado with a very wide foot with a ring gauge of 57, then tapering down to 44 at the head. It’s a five inch long box pressed pyramid that was released in September 2010. For the 2011 holiday season the Artesanos de Obelisco cigar will be available in a limited edition 5-pack box.

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