The Value of a MemoryNovember 3, 2011

By Tad Gage
Beyond all the basics, there is a "certain something" about cigars and fine tobacco that captures our interest and passion. A cylindrical roll of well-aged leaves and the drifting blue smoke of a fine stogie tell part of the story, but not the full story. In the end, tobacco is as much about enjoying the moment and making memories, as it about the smoke itself. Not every cigar or situation will yield a memorable moment, but if you keep your eyes, ears and taste buds open, it’s surprising how many times a fine cigar can also yield a fine memory.

Fine dining is similar, which is why, I think, the words "dining" and "experience" are so often used together. I recall one meal where I asked the waiter to compliment the chef on my appetizer, and received in return a delicate pair of rabbit livers (not on the menu) along with my rabbit-venison-quail entrée. The company was good, the restaurant top-notch, but getting that rabbit liver "thank-you" is a fond memory that has stayed with me for 20 years.

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