By Kevin Godbee
Villiger 1888 Fuerte Robusto Cigar Reviews

The Villiger 1888 Fuerte is handcrafted in the Dominican Republic under the strict Swiss quality guidelines of Villiger & Sons of Switzerland. Using a blend of tobaccos from several countries and known only to Mr. Heinrich Villiger and a few others, they have purposefully described one of the tobaccos as only "Country X" Ligeros. We actually applaud them for doing this while so many other manufacturers for years still refer to "Havana seed", and all kinds of "Tastes like a Cuban cigar" messages, Villiger takes a refreshingly opposite tact.

They say; "we have created a smoking experience which will transport you to a place and time unique to your mind – with no preconceived thoughts or expectations from (the) knowledge of the tobacco source" (emphasis added).

For decades, Villiger has been best known for producing small cigars, but the 1888 Fuerte has now solidly established them in the premium hand-rolled category. The 1888 Fuerte is without a doubt, an extremely high quality cigar all around. Our panelists gave it accolades in all areas – construction, burn and flavor.

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