By Kevin Godbee
Villiger 1888 Robusto Cigar Reviews

Until recently, Villiger was better known for producing small machine-made cigars, but now they are gaining strength in the premium handmade cigar market. The Villiger 1888 Robusto has a little mystery to it as well. One of the countries of origin for the filler leaf is being kept a secret, only to be referred to as “Country X”.

In our separate Cigar Reviews column, we present reviews penned by trained professionals with refined palates. Here, in the Cigar Ratings column we offer you the opinions of our volunteer consumer panelists where you can compare and contrast the different views of three different smokers of the same cigar.

The Villiger 1888 Robusto certainly had some varying opinions from this month’s panelists, and that just goes to show you that it is all a matter of taste. While the average rating is 85, the ratings ranged from a low of 79 to a high of 90. I smoked a couple of these myself and in the realm of mild cigars, it is a very good smoke. If you are mostly fond of medium-full to full bodied cigars, then the Villiger 1888 Robusto is probably not for you. I usually smoke in the medium to full range, but I also have an eclectic palate, and sometimes when I get up quite early at 5:00 am, I feel like smoking a light stick such as this. The Villiger 1888 Robusto is also a great beginner cigar.

Let’s see what our cigar rating panel said.

Villiger 1888 Robusto


Villiger 1888 Robusto Average Rating: 85
5 x 50
Made in:
Dominican Republic
Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
Santo Domingo, Nicaraguan, & “Country X”
Reviewer 1:
Nick Dwertman

Rating: 86
Construction Comments:
The cigar feels solid and is not veiny at all. There is a slight crack on the foot, probably from shipping but should not be an issue with the smoking experience.
Pre-light Aroma and Flavor:
The cigar has a slight barnyard aroma to it and a quick cut from my Xikar Mayan 3D reveals the cigar has a perfect draw and a pre-light flavor similar to the aroma, there is also a raisin like sweetness to it.
The initial burn started to run on one side. I did not touch up the runner and the cigar eventually evened itself out. The small crack in the foot of the wrapper was not an issue as well.
Chilled Dasani Water
Smoking Notes:
I set my triple torch to the foot and am immediately greeted with a creamy butter flavor you would expect from a Connecticut wrapped cigar with a toasty finish. I am already thinking I should have brewed a medium or mild coffee to enjoy with this cigar but to focus on the flavor of only the cigar I will stick with my Dasani. The exhale through the nose is smooth and creamy as well. Entering the second third of the cigar the toast flavor gains in strength making creamy take a back seat. About halfway through leather notes start to creep in replacing the toast. The final third was had a combination of coffee and leather… interesting to say the least but enjoyable.
Overall Experience and Rating:
Construction (13/15) – Firm throughout with a silky smooth Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper. There was a slight crack at the foot probably occurred during shipment.
Flavor and Aroma (43/50) – I want to preface this by saying I do not typically enjoy Connecticut wrapped cigars, but this is one I would keep on hand if I wanted something to smoke with some coffee. It would pair well with a mild or medium coffee. It is what someone would expect out of a good Connecticut cigar.
Burn: (30/35) – Burn was decent and the ash was solid throughout. There was however points in the cigar where the wrapper ran but it always corrected itself.
Total Score: 86
Being the second cigar I have ever smoked from Villiger, first was the 1888 Fuerte, I am starting to think I overlooked this brand for too long. This was actually a Connecticut wrapped cigar that I enjoyed. There was some complexity to it but not much, however the flavors that were present were good. It is evident they used well fermented tobacco making this product.
Reviewer 2:
Anthony Mozzo

Rating: 79
Construction Comments:
Solid construction, a few thick veins veins. There is a noticeable crack by the foot of the cigar about a half inch long. Probably occured in shipping and not really to blame on construction.
Pre-light Aroma and Flavor:
Prelight aroma a little nutty with hints of mocha and cinnamon. Used a Xikar cutter. Cut was smooth and pre draw was good.
Light the cigar to find a nice draw. I notice some initial pepper and a continuation of the nutty profile. Hints of vanilla and cinnamon.
Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA.
Smoking Notes:
By the second 3rd, pepper is almost non existent. Remaining flavors remain constant. Burn is a little uneven, could be because of the crack. Final 3rd, the burn is still off, but it stayed lit. Flavors start to get very acidic and a bit harsh.
Overall Experience and Rating:
Found this to be an average cigar. Pretty one dimensional and taste wasn’t really noteworthy. Recommendation – I would not recommend.
Overall Score = 79
Look and Feel = 12
Flavor and Aroma 35
Burn 32
Reviewer 3:
Michael A. Perry

Rating: 90
Construction Comments:
The wrapper is beautiful, a nice shade of dark gold, and looks pretty mild. Very little veining is present, and what is there is subtle.
Pre-light Aroma and Flavor:
Mature, properly aged tobacco aromas before lighting. The cut was good, not a lot of residual tobacco chunks in the mouth, and the pre-light draw is nice, promising some sweetness from this smoke.
Easy light, burns perfectly with an evenly developing ash of an almost blue-grey. When the cigar warms up, some of the firmness of the pre-lit cigar starts to give way.
Water (too early for anything else!)
Smoking Notes:
The initial flavor of the smoke is rich, with some nice leathery notes but not overwhelming. As you progress to the middle of the cigar you begin to get little notes of sweet cappuccino, and the leather fades out. The smoke never gets hot, and it never gets too much stronger, even near the end when many cigars would start smoking hot.
Overall Experience and Rating:
Look & Feel – .12 (Wrapper is consistent color and smooth, as is solid construction – maybe feels a little hard but doesn’t smoke like it is. The ash is a beautiful color as well)
Burn – .33 (Consistent, even burn from the beginning to the end, the ash will stay intact as long as you want it to. The draw is pretty much perfect all the way through)
Flavor & Aroma – .45 (While this cigar is medium-bodied at most, and not my strength profile, it has a nice progression of flavors, some nice leather and cappucino notes)
TOTAL SCORE: 90 points

If you like a medium-bodied cigar with class – made right and smokes right – this is a great cigar for you.

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