Torano Cigars(Miami, FL) – Hall of Fame boxing trainer Angelo Dundee celebrates 90 years of age with a reunion with a piece of his glorious past and a gift from the Toraño Family Cigar Co. The legendary Dundee who trained 12 world boxing champions (most famously Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard) had the chance to slow down for one of the few times in his 90 years to reminisce about days past as he was presented with mounted brick from the original 5th Street Gym which was torn down in 1994.

Turning 90 Tuesday August 30, 2011 Angelo Dundee was all smiles over the weekend as invited friends and fans came into the new incarnation of the 5th Street Gym in Miami Beach which opened last year. Dundee who is still spry at 90 can’t get away from his passion of boxing as he sat ringside giving pointers to young boxers hoping to one day be Dundee’s 13th world champion. Friends wished him well for his birthday as he posed for pictures and signed autographs. Two special surprises came his way as boxing fan Ken Drodvillo surprised Dundee with a brick from the original 5th Street Gym and Torano Family member Carlos Llaca Toraño presented him with a box of Toraño Reserva Selecta.

Toraño Reserva Selecta CigarsDundee seemed to get a bit nostalgic as he had a physical piece of a building which represented the golden age of boxing in his hands and the box of cigars took him back to the days of a free Cuba which is where he spent much time working with Cuban fighters. Dundee joked about his travels to Cuba using his "dirty-Spanish" which was a mix of his bad Spanish and his bad Italian to communicate with Cuban fighters. Dundee recounted how he started smoking cigars because of his frequent trips down to Cuba. Dundee looked over the glass tubes which encased the Toraño Reserva Selecta cigars and was excited to call his son Jimmy over to show them and talked about plans to smoke them during their next poker night.

Carlos Llaca Toraño said, "It’s an honor to represent the Toraño family during special moments like these. To be in the presence of a living legend like Angelo Dundee as he turns 90 is quite humbling."

Angelo Dundee Celebrates 90th Birthday With A Box Of Cigars From Toraño


Angelo Dundee Celebrates 90th Birthday With A Box Of Cigars From Toraño

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