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New Cigars Commemorate the Founding Year of Company’s Namesake
The year 1874 saw the establishment of what would become one of the world’s largest cigar manufacturers, the 7-20-4 Cigar Company. Founder R. G. Sullivan built his company’s reputation on his motto: "Quality Still Impels Its Growth." The Manchester, New Hampshire, company was flourished until the Cuban Embargo closed it and many other world-renowned premium cigar labels.

Founder and company president of the newly-reborn company, Kurt A. Kendall, is a successful New Hampshire cigar retailer, with three stores in the state. He became intrigued with the historic brand, and acquired the defunct trademark in 2009, determined to return the brand to prominence. When asked the origin of the company’s name, he explained, "It was the original factory showroom’s address at 724 Elm Street." All 7-20-4 boutique premium cigars are now hand made from 100% long-filler tobaccos, in Danli, Honduras and Esteli, Nicaragua.

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Company’s First Premium Cigar

In 2010, Zander-Greg, Inc., introduced their first true premium cigar, Cuban Legends, part of their popular Nat Cicco brand. Previously, Nat Cicco cigars were only machine-bunched, hand-rolled value-priced cigars. Cuban Legends’ success was due to the company’s ability to offer the all-premium tobacco, hand-made cigar, at bargain prices.

Zander-Greg has now added two new shapes to its existing Cuban Legends Churchill (7.5″ x 52), Torpedo (6″ x 54), Toro (6″ x 56), and Robusto (5″ x 54). They are the #4, a 4″ x 58 parejo, and the #4T, a 4″ x 58 torpedo. Like the other sizes, both come in Cuban-seed Rosado wrappers, in Natural and Maduro.

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Long-Filler, Hand-Made Premium Cigars “For Everyday Guys”

“With five wrappers and five shapes, we haven’t left any cigar smoker behind.” The speaker is Matt Urbano, founder and owner of Urbano Cigars, Inc. “Our new 100% long-filler, hand-made Urbano Economy Bundles meet every smoker’s criterion for variety, satisfaction, and affordability. These mild- to medium-bodied cigars are our latest introduction, and are targeted at the many daily smokers who are looking for an honest cigar that won’t break their budget.”

Urbano Economy Bundles’ wrapper selections are Connecticut Shade, Sumatra, Habano, Corojo and Maduro. They are available in Robusto, Torpedo, Toro, Churchill, and the company’s new 6″ x 60 shape. As an extra quality touch, the heads are double-capped, to prevent the messy frustration of having a cap unravel in the mouth. Read the rest of this entry →

General Cigar announces that Punch Rare Corojo will be offered for a limited time, starting today and ending on May 31, 2012, while supplies last. Seven frontmarks will be available, ranging in price from $3.59 to $6.49 per cigar (SRP).

A very limited supply of the Punch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary edition (5" x 50, SRP $6.99 per cigar) will also be available for sale during the same period, or until the limited quantity is depleted.

Both Punch Rare Corojo and the 10th Anniversary edition are filled with a blend of Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos, and are bound with Connecticut Broadleaf; however, each has a unique wrapper.

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International sales of luxurious Cuban cigars climbed 9 percent in 2011 with revenues of $401 million following an upturn in the market, executives of Habanos S.A. said Monday.

On the opening day of Cuba’s 14th Cigar Festival, organizers stressed how important these results are amid the economic woes afflicting their main European markets and the spread of restrictions on smoking.

Habanos S.A., founded in 1994, is a mixed company with equal participation by state-owned Cubatabaco and the Spanish corporation Altadis, a subsidiary of the Imperial Tobacco Group PLC.

The company’s Vice President for Development Javier Terres and Marketing Director Ana Lopez told a press conference that the corporation has held onto its 80-percent share of the international market for hand-rolled cigars.

Habanos currently purveys such exclusive brands as Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagas, Hoyo de Monterrey, H. Upmann and Punch to 150 countries.

Its leading markets are Spain, France, China, Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon, Cuba, Greece and the United Arab Emirates.

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Arango Cigar Co. is now the exclusive U.S. distributor for Mastro de Paja products. Mastro de Paja is the world-renowned Italian creator of upscale artistic briar pipes and cigar humidors. Arango acquired the inventory and distribution rights to Mastro de Paja in 2011, from XYZ Direct, Ltd.

Mastro de Paja was formed in 1972 … but not for profit. Its founders, a consortium of Italian pipe lovers, only sought world recognition for their high-value briar pipe styles. The company resides in the Adriatic city of Pesaro, home of many Italian artisans and pipe craftsmen. Many world-renowned Italian pipe masters learned the craft of pipe-making in the Mastro de Paja factory. Since 1994, ownership of the company has been in the hands of Sr. Alberto Montini.

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ALBANY – The New York Association of Convenience Stores issued a press release yesterday strongly opposing changes in cigar and loose tobacco taxes being recommended by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his proposed state budget.

In testimony prepared for a budget hearing yesterday, NYACS President James Calvin said that while the budget document refers to them as "loophole closing actions," they would actually raise taxes with the following negative consequences:

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Toraño Family Cigar Co. is happy to announce Timothy Hudson as the grand prize winner of the month-long Toraño-Arrington wine fridge contest. This contest saw 25 lucky winners walk away with a Toraño branded stainless steel wine fridge and the grand prize winner being awarded a weekend trip to Nashville, Tennessee to visit Arrington Vineyards.

Timothy Hudson of Allentown, Michigan, who is an avid fan of Toraño brands, heard about the Toraño-Arrington contest and decided to make a trip with his brother to the nearest participating cigar store, Jenuwine Cigar Factory Outlet in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Hudson was originally introduced to smoking cigars while playing cards with friends. He quickly moved up to premium handmade cigars and notes that one of his favorites is the highly rated Toraño Exodus1959. While at Jenuwine and having a smoke and sampling the Arrington Vineyards-Toraño Antebellum Private Barrel Reserve wine, Timothy entered the contest by purchasing a box of Exodus. Timothy was later excited to hear that he won the raffle for the stainless steel wine fridge and was about to get a bigger surprise after he was automatically entered to win the grand prize.

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CAO La Traviata will introduce the popular "Luminoso" frontmark in a new Maduro version, making its retail debut later this week.

Following in the footsteps of the highly successful Ecuadoran-wrapped CAO La Traviata Luminoso, the new Maduro version features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper to lend a touch of sweetness to the critically-acclaimed blend.

At 4.5" x 50, the new Rothschild will be available for an SRP of $5.10 per cigar, or $153 for a 30-count box.

"CAO La Traviata ‘Luminoso’ is one of our top sellers, so it was only natural that we gave CAO fans a new take on one of their favorite cigars," said Ed McKenna, CAO’s senior brand manager. "Rick Rodriguez and I are looking forward to receiving some great feedback about CAO La Traviata Maduro Luminoso on our website,"

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It’s no surprise that Macanudo, America’s best-selling premium cigar brand, is adding two new large-ring frontmarks to its lineup. Consumers have been increasingly demanding bigger, fatter cigars, and Macanudo is pleased to deliver.

Making their retail debut this week are Macanudo Café Gigante and Macanudo Maduro Gigante.

Created in response to consumer demand for large-ring offerings, both the Macanudo Café and Macanudo Maduro Gigante cigars measure 6" x 60. Each will be packed in a 25 count box and sold for an SRP per cigar of $7.99, or $199.75, SRP per box.

"Macanudo fans have told us they get more bang for the buck out of large ring cigars, so we came out with the Gigante frontmark to round out the Café and Maduro lines. With so many cigar smokers reaching for large-rings these days, the new Gigantes are sure to become top-sellers," said Bill Chilian, director of marketing for Macanudo.

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