By Kevin Godbee
Here’s another nice refreshing example of Alec Bradley Cigars being real, and not jumping on the "Hyperbole Bandwagon" of "Top Secret Triple, Quadruple, Quintuple, Sextuple, Septuple … Fermentation. The leaf in the Tempus Cigar does have a unique fermentation method applied to it, and the real story is interesting enough without adding layers of whimsy to it.

When it comes to fermentation of cigar tobacco, typically there are two fermentations done. These can vary in temperature ranges and lengths of time depending on the cigar maker. It is unusual to have a third fermentation, and many times when this is claimed, it is really more a start of the aging process that comes after fermentation, than an actual third fermentation.

Here’s a short 1:45 minute video clip of Alan Rubin describing how they developed a special, new, unique 2-stage fermentation that is exclusive to the Tempus Cigar. Below the video are links to related items.

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If you want to learn more about Tobacco Fermentation, check out Tad Gage’s article – The Three S’s of Fermentation: Sweaty, Smelly and Sweet


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