By Kevin Godbee
Yesterday we learned a neat trick from Alan Rubin on how to do a test to find out how much the wrapper leaf adds to the flavor of a cigar.
Today, we have a great industry-insider secret that the vast majority of cigar smokers probably do not know about.

First, a few obvious things. Cigars are all natural, handmade products, therefore, no two are exactly alike. While great care and expertise are utilized to produce consistent crops, it is usually not 100% possible. Each year, there will be variations in the leaf, even when it is the same seed grown in the same field. Because of changes in climate – temperature, humidity, rainfall, and the amount of sunlight, plus the evolution of the soil contents – the leaf will vary each year.

So how do cigar makers continue to market their cigar lines year after year and maintain a consistent flavor-profile? All cigars are blends of different leaves, from different plants, and even from different positions on the plant. These specific blends all have a recipe. While food recipes don’t change, cigar recipes sometimes have to. Recently, that happened on one of my favorite cigars, the Alec Bradley Maxx.

At 45-seconds in on this 1:44 outtake clip, you can hear Alan tell us about it. (Look for links to more clips further down the page.)

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Alan Rubin Answers a Trick Question on Wrapper Leaf

Alan Rubin Talks About the Alec Bradley Black Market Cigar

Alan Rubin – "We Want to Make Sure We Deliver"

Alan Rubin on the Alec Bradley "Fine & Rare" Cigar

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