By Kevin Godbee
In Part III and the conclusion of my interview with Christian Eiroa of Camacho Cigars,
I asked how things have changed since Davidoff bought the company in 2008. Davidoff is a large corporate entity and Camacho has always been a nimble entrepreneurial competitor. Just like in previous parts of the interview, Christian was quite frank about the situation.

The greatest threat to the cigar industry has always been the legislative landscape with taxes and smoking bans, with S-CHIP being one of the worst ever. You will hear Christian’s views in this area, and he gives his controversial opinion that so many cigars all taste the same because everyone is using the "Habano-type wrappers" these days. We discussed new Camacho cigars, smoked a couple of prototypes and  the Room 101 brand.

You will also find out the answer to the burning questions; 1) What’s your favorite cigar?  2) Cello on or off? and 3) Drink accompaniment?

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Here are some behind the scenes photos from the shoot –



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