By Kevin Godbee
The Alec Bradley Black Market Cigar is one of my favorite new cigars to come out in 2011. It has a nice rich flavor, but is not overpowering. From the moment you toast the foot, the aroma is so delicious that you know this is going to be a great smoke. The Black Market is one of those cigars that I can smoke until my fingers burn. While I was visiting with Alan Rubin at Alec Bradley Cigars recently, we talked about this cigar and I learned two interesting things … 1) It has Panamanian tobacco, which you don’t often find being used in most cigars, and 2) it was 5-years in the making.

Alan tells of how they had the tobacco years ago, but weren’t sure how best to blend with it. They didn’t want to just throw in some Panamanian tobacco for the heck of it. They wanted to understand the tobacco, and it also needed some time to age. Well, five years later, and we have what I feel is a masterpiece of a cigar, the Alec Bradley Black Market. Here’s a brief 48-second video clip where we talked about it. There’s a link below the video to our review where the Black Market scored a 92!

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Alec Bradley Black Market Cigar Review

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