By Kevin Godbee
Have you heard about the Alec Bradley "Fine & Rare" Cigar?
It is certainly aptly named, and I was lucky enough to get to smoke one during my interview with Alan Rubin. I smoked a Black Market first, which I love, and we just rated a 92 – (Black Market Cigar Review). Then Alan generously presented me with a Fine & Rare. As you can imagine, there are times when extraordinary crops of tobacco are harvested, and they are so special that they cannot be re-produced, hence they will not become an ongoing readily available and widely distributed product. Couple this with extremely fine tobaccos that only produced a small yield, and then you definitely have something rare and special.

The Fine & Rare has 10 different tobaccos in it. There is a wrapper, a double binder and 7 filler tobaccos. The rest of the story on the tobaccos is a closely guarded secret. There are only two rollers making the Fine & Rare. They are segregated away from the rest of the production and the standards for finished product are resolute.

We discuss the full story of Fine & Rare in the full interview, which comes out next week, but here is a brief 1½ minute clip of Alan Ruben on the Fine & Rare.

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Enjoy these clips as well … links below


Alan Rubin Talks About the Alec Bradley Black Market Cigar

Alan Rubin – "We Want to Make Sure We Deliver"

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