By Kevin Godbee
An often debated topic amongst cigar enthusiasts is how much flavor the wrapper leaf contributes to a cigar’s overall flavor profile.
You can ask 10 different people and get 10 different answers.

During my interview with Alan Rubin, the President of Alec Bradley Cigars, Alan once again demonstrated his excellent knowledge and experience. I was actually leading into a question about how the Maxx Connecticut was different from the original Maxx, and mentioned this frequently argued topic, and that I was NOT going to ask him about it since it is really a trick question. That however, lead to Alan telling me about a neat trick that we’ll call "The Wrapper Test". Check it out in the 1:50 minute video outtake below. We’ll have the discussion on the two versions of the Maxx in the main interview next week, and a brief discussion of the Maxx Cigar in the next outtake.

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More video links with Alan Rubin below …

Alan Rubin Talks About the Alec Bradley Black Market Cigar


Alan Rubin – "We Want to Make Sure We Deliver"

Alan Rubin on the Alec Bradley "Fine & Rare" Cigar

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