Kevin Godbee
In Part III and the conclusion of our interview with Alan Rubin, the President of Alec Bradley Cigars, we talked about industry challenges, such as the FDA threat and taxation.

We discussed the challenges that Alec Bradley faces as a company, and we learn about some of the real people, families and lives that are touched by this fast growing, popular boutique cigar company.

Alan describes an fascinating method on how to determine the amount of flavor a wrapper contributes to a cigar. It’s a trick question, but he got it right. You’ll hear some interesting information on the Maxx cigar, and find out what Alan’s favorite cigars is. Sort of. He had a great answer to the question, so watch for it near the end.

What I enjoyed most about conducting this interview with Alan, is that he demonstrates an impressive amount of humbleness for a very successful person. Some of the champions of the cigar industry at times manifest a "Rock Star" syndrome that gets old fast. Alan errs on the side of being as unassuming as possible. He is intelligent, witty, and a great conversationalist.

Light up a Maxx, or any of your favorite Alec Bradley cigars, and watch the final 16-minutes of a great discussion with Alan Rubin.


Below the video you will find additional links to related content, including parts I & II of the interview, and some photos from our visit to the Alec Bradley offices.

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