By Kevin Godbee
I first met Alan Rubin in June 2008 at a special event for the unveiling of the Tempus Cigar.
The affair took place at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel & Casino’s shopping campus – specifically at the jazz club Jazziz in Hollywood, Florida. Jazz Artist Jesse J. performed at the soirée, there was food and drink, and of course, amazing Tempus cigars. My friend and business associate at the time, the late Gary J. Arzt conducted an impromptu video interview with Alan, which we published on the cigar e-zine I owned at the time. Three months later I was bought out and signed a 3-year non-compete.

Well … three years went by much faster than I thought and I am pleased to have our "Cigar Cool" interview column’s second feature focus on conversations with Alan Rubin. Alan is of course, the President and Founder of Alec Bradley Cigars. For those that may not know, the company is named for Alan’s two sons. When he started the company in 1996, they were approximately 3 and 1 years of age, or less. Now, they are 19 and 16 years old. How time flies when you’re having fun.

Part I of our interview is 14-minutes long, but it goes by fast because the conversation is fun, and intriguing. Anyone that knows Alan will not be surprised by that. He is a charismatic and intelligent guy. As usual, with both interviewer and interviewee having a passion for both cigars and business, that is what the conversation revolves around, and there is an interesting story with every question asked and answered. This interview is dedicated to my late friend and business associate, whom I wished to be included in this new endeavor; Gary J. Arzt.

I hope you enjoy watching the interview as much as Alan and I did conducting it. There are more links below the video to related content.

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Kevin Godbee

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