Cigar Babes

Genya is Smoking on the Roof

Genya is enjoying a sunny winter day on the roof overlooking the city while she smokes her cigar. The sun warms her up as she opens her coat to reveal that she's only wearing her black lingerie beneath.

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Ira Likes Smoking a Cigar in Her Undies

It may be cold outside, but it's hot in here, so let's take off our clothes and lounge with a cigar. Blue-Eyed Blonde Cigar Babe Ira is enjoying relaxing in her pink undies while smoking a spicy rosado-wrapped toro cigar.

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Merry Christmas from Aran

Smoking a cigar makes Aran feel naughty, so she took off her clothes and is sporting her Christmas lingerie. We even dressed the set in Christmas colors.

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Sultry Sofy Smoking Her Cigar

Cigar Babe Sofy returns smoking a medium-bodied toro cigar while alternating between smiling and pouting in true Cigar Babe flirty fashion.

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Cigar Babe Faina Relaxes on the Couch with a Corona Gorda

Polka Dots, Stockings, Heels & a Cigar. Nice!

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It's Boots Month for Milana. Yay!

One of the things we love about December is that it's the time the ladies wear their boots. 'Nuff said. Check out Cigar Babe Milana smoking her cigar while wearing boots, and booty shorts.

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Smoking is Allowed in Klin's Office

Remember the good old days when you could actually smoke in your office? Well, you still can here at the Cigar Chronicles photo studios. You can even lay on the desks as Klin demonstrates.

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Eva is Festive for the Holidays

Since Christmas music seems to be playing almost everywhere we go, Eva decided to be festive in bright red. We had no argument against her red sequined mini-skirt and halter top, and frankly, we're quite fond of red stockings and high heels. In case you didn't notice, she's smoking a cigar too.

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Aysa Proves that Cigars are for Pretty Ladies Too

Asya is looking sweet, pretty and feminine in her pink dress and hair bow while she enjoys smoking a man-sized Churchill cigar.

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Klin Relaxes Smoking a Corona

Klin wants to know what ever happened to corona cigars. What's up with all those gigantic 6x60s? A nice 44 ring gauge corona cigar can be quite enjoyable, and is easily manageable. Klin enjoyed hers quite a bit.

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Katrin Plays Guitar and Smokes a Cigar

Katrin is a 5'7″ blonde babe (she wouldn't tell us her weight) with a great bod, and she enjoys playing guitar and smoking a cigar.

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Milana Smoking a Cigar in Leopard Print Dress and Boots

Milana is sporting a leopard print dress & high heel boots while smoking her cigar.

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Say Hello to Aran

Aran's grey eyes, jet-black hair and statuesque features earned her high marks with our readers, so she returns for a second Cigar Babe photo shoot.

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Cigar Babe's Got Legs - Katrin in Little Denim Shorts & Heels

“She's got legs! And she knows how to use them!” – ZZ Top's song certainly comes to mind when we look at Katrin. This tall, tight blonde cigar smoking babe got legs baby! She is looking sexy in her tiny little denim shorts and her 6 inch heels laced-up on her shapely legs.

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Matyu Smoking a Cigar in a Red Nightie & Black Stockings

Matyu has her red nightie on for Christmas as she enjoys her cigar. She is a curvy cutie with full lips, brown eyes, auburn hair, and the cutest smile in the world! Once again, Cigar Chronicles is the only magazine where you can see the girls actually smoking the cigars.

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Melanie is Sexy Smoking in Lingerie

We had a lot of compliments on the last shoot with Melanie in her red stockings, but one fan said she had too many clothes on, so here she is with as little clothing as we can do. Also, did you ever notice that we are the ONLY magazine where the girls actually SMOKE THE CIGARS FOR REAL?

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Melanie Smoking in Sexy Red Stockings

Melanie is a petite brunette smoking a cigar on the couch. She's looking hot in her tight, short dress with sexy red stockings and matching heels.

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Our parade of blondes smoking cigars continues with our blue-eyed cutie, Jasmin, in a quick little photoset for your viewing pleasure.

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Blonde Blue-Eyed Babe Eva Smokes a Cigar in Lingerie

Eva is a hot babe with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing stockings, high heels, black lingerie, and smoking a cigar. Add yourself with a glass of scotch and a cigar, and the picture is complete.

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Ira is Smoking a Cigar in Lingerie

We like our Cigar Babes to feel comfortable when they're hanging around the Cigar Chronicles studios. Ira thought it would be a nice way to relax wearing lingerie while smoking her cigar, and we encourage that.

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Genya is a Petite Blonde Cigar Babe Smoking in the Park

Fall is in the air, and we've fallen for Genya. She is a blonde cutie that has discovered the joys of smoking a cigar in the park with a scenic setting of trees and sunshine just as the seasons are changing.

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Cigar Babe Alert - Olesya is Smokin'!

The chill in the air doesn't stop Olesya from enjoying a cigar as she's out and about in the city. One of the things we like about the weather getting colder is that the chicks start to wear boots. Olesya is looking hot in her tight jeans, high-heel boots and leather jacket as she enjoys her double-corona cigar. We love the long brown hair too.

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Dasha is a Hot Little Redhead Smoking a Cigar

We're betting that Peppermint Patty of Peanuts fame actually does smoke cigars. If she got a makeover to be less tomboy and more feminine, then our latest Cigar Babe, Dasha, would probably be a good representation of the results.

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Faina Definitely Has Cigar Smokin' Lips

Faina is one of the girls mom warned you about and dad patted you on the back about. She doesn't pretend to be a good girl either. She's packing an El Presidente and hopes you are too. Maybe you'll get to see the rest of her tattoo next time.

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Asya Can Light a Cigar without a Flame

Say hello to Asya, a tigress of a Cigar Babe with her green eyes and red hair. Don't let that innocent look fool you either. She's bad to the bone, and she's a cool chick that smokes cigars.

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Milana is a Tight Little Package Smoking a Cigar

Milana looks sexy in her plaid and lace dress and high heel boots smoking her cigar. She reminded us a little bit of Cameron Diaz in the movie, “There's Something About Mary”. We're envisioning the scene where Matt Dillon's character pulls up, spying on her and says; “Husband… negative. Children and a Labrador… negative. Tight little package… affirmative.” … Hence the title of the shoot.

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Aran is a Raven-Haired Sexpot Smoking a Cigar in Tight Jeans

Aran is a raven-haired beauty looking good in her designer jeans and boots while smoking a cigar.

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Eva Smokes a Cigar in Négligée

Smoking a cigar is a relaxing treat, and Eva decided to be as comfortable as possible and smoke her cigar while lounging in her négligée.

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Jasmin in Leopard Print & Boots Smoking a Cigar

Jasmin is looking cool smoking her cigar in her leopard print dress and high-heel black leather boots.

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Klin Hanging Out Smoking a Cigar

Klin is hanging out in the Cigar Chronicles studio enjoying a corona cigar.

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Matyu is Smokin'!

Matyu is smokin' literally and figuratively. She is really enjoying her cigar, and we are enjoying watching her smoke it.

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Smoking with Mona

Mona is a cool chick and she enjoys smoking her sticks.

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Sofy is a Beautiful Redhead Enjoying a Cigar

Sofy is so hot that the cigar lights itself. You can tell she is enjoying her cigar by that great smile on her face.

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