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Fall is in the air, and we’ve fallen for Genya. She is a blonde cutie that has discovered the joys of smoking a cigar in the park with a scenic setting of trees and sunshine just as the seasons are changing.

Genya is a Petite Blonde Cigar Babe Smoking in the Park – CLICK HERE FOR FULL GALLERY

Casa Fuente, Las VegasOctober 27, 2011

I’m here in Las vegas for The Big Smoke this weekend. Today I spent some time at Casa Fuente at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. They have the full line of Fuente cigars, plus a couple of exclusives that you can only find here, which are the Forbidden X and the Casa Fuente. The Forbidden X is a Dominican Puro and the Casa Fuente has a Cameroon wrapper over Dominican binder and filler.

The Forbidden X is the Opus X, aged for five years and finished in Calvados barrels imported from Normandy, France.

The Casa Fuente is also an Opus X, but with a Cameroon wrapper.

For this visit, I decided to smoke a standard Opus X with an espresso, and then a coffee spiked with a B52, which was a great accompaniment for the Opus X.

They have a full bar and the Mojitos are world-renowned.

Marisa took good care of me, and the entire staff is quite knowledgeable about all of the cigars.

Here’s a little photo gallery of my visit.
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The chill in the air doesn’t stop Olesya from enjoying a cigar as she’s out and about in the city. One of the things we like about the weather getting colder is that the chicks start to wear boots. Olesya is looking hot in her tight jeans, high-heel boots and leather jacket as she enjoys her double-corona cigar. We love the long brown hair too.

Cigar Babe Alert – Olesya is Smokin’! – CLICK HERE FOR FULL GALLERY

Say hello to Asya, a tigress of a Cigar Babe with her green eyes and red hair. Don’t let that innocent look fool you either. She’s bad to the bone, and she’s a cool chick that smokes cigars.

Asya Can Light a Cigar without a Flame – CLICK HERE FOR FULL GALLERY

Milana looks sexy in her plaid and lace dress and high heel boots smoking her cigar. She reminded us a little bit of Cameron Diaz in the movie, "There’s Something About Mary". We’re envisioning the scene where Matt Dillon’s character pulls up, spying on her and says; "Husband… negative. Children and a Labrador… negative. Tight little package… affirmative." … Hence the title of the shoot.

Milana is a Tight Little Package Smoking a Cigar – CLICK HERE FOR FULL GALLERY

Aran is one of my favorite Cigar Babes. I love her jet-black hair, grey eyes, and several other things that I’ll keep to myself. Check out the latest Cigar Babe Photo Shoot.

Aran is a Raven-Haired Sexpot Smoking a Cigar in Tight Jeans – CLICK HERE FOR FULL GALLERY