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As the Veterans Re-Discover the Modern Cigar Market

By Editors & Staff

I’m not trying to brag, but as the Publisher & Editor in Chief of Cigar Chronicles, I definitely think I have one of the coolest jobs in the world . I mean it is pretty cool to take a time-honored, luxury, leisurely past-time, like cigar smoking—and make it your job. The rest of the guys here have pretty cool jobs too, and it was interesting listening to a conversation between Associate Editor, Gregory L. Pease and two of our professional cigar reviewers and columnists; Tad Gage and Russ Ouellette recently. All three guys have been in and around the business for the last 30-years. However, Greg and Tad had been sticking to their tried and true smokes for the past few years in their roles as consumer smokers. Since they signed on to work for Cigar Chronicles they have been experiencing a plethora of brand new, and somewhat new cigars, but all new cigars to them. These recent cigar happenings turned into an interesting conversation from these veteran aficionados.

Let’s eavesdrop on the conversation heard ’round the water cooler at the Cigar Chronicles virtual offices –

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"She’s got legs! And she knows how to use them!" – ZZ Top’s song certainly comes to mind when we look at Katrin. This tall, tight blonde cigar smoking babe got legs baby! She is looking sexy in her tiny little denim shorts and her 6 inch heels laced-up on her shapely legs.

Check out our latest Cigar Babe Gallery – Cigar Babe’s Got Legs – Katrin in Little Denim Shorts & Heels

Matyu has her red nightie on for Christmas as she enjoys her cigar. She is a curvy cutie with full lips, brown eyes, auburn hair, and the cutest smile in the world!

Matyu Smoking a Cigar in a Red Nightie & Black Stockings – FULL GALLERY

We had a lot of compliments on the last shoot with Melanie in her red stockings, but one fan said she had too many clothes on, so here she is with as little clothing as we can do. Also, did you ever notice that we are the ONLY magazine where the girls actually SMOKE THE CIGARS FOR REAL?

Melanie is Sexy Smoking in Lingerie

Melanie is a petite brunette smoking a cigar on the couch.

She’s looking hot in her tight, short dress with sexy red stockings and matching heels.

Melanie Smoking in Sexy Red Stockings – FULL GALLERY

Our parade of blondes smoking cigars continues with our blue-eyed cutie, Jasmin, in a quick little photoset for your viewing pleasure.

"Blowing Through the Jasmine in my Mind" –CLICK HERE FOR FULL GALLERY

Eva is a hot babe with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing stockings, high heels, black lingerie, and smoking a cigar. Add yourself with a glass of scotch and a cigar, and the picture is complete.

Blonde Blue-Eyed Babe Eva Smokes a Cigar in Lingerie – CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL CIGAR BABE GALLERY

Cigar Babes

By Kevin Godbee

This is really something.

Tobacco Prevention Funding Declines by 36%

What’s colossally obnoxious and idiotic about this is that there have been laws in place for decades banning the sale of tobacco products to minors. The antis are so dependent upon crying about how they are "saving the children" to try to give themselves some semblance of legitimacy, that they become blind to the fact that minors already can’t buy the stuff.

Organizations like the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids shouldn’t even exist. I’m wondering if in this day and age with all the militant brainwashing if you could even find a minor smoking a cigarette anyway.

And speaking of cigarettes – here’s another HUGE problem that’s been going on for ages.

In the antis minds – Tobacco = Cigarettes.

I seriously, truly believe, and I even bet that it could be proven (if we were allowed to do so) that people like Matthew Myers, President of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has major psychological problems that drive his misplaced, ignorant activism.

The annual report, titled "A Broken Promise to Our Children: The 1998 State Tobacco Settlement 13 Years Later," …

Again, utterly ridiculous just with the title. Save the children! Save the children!

How about we enforce the current law against "children" being able to buy or use tobacco products?

Oh, I get it.

It’s not really about saving the children.

Here’s what it’s really about – 3 things –

1. Money
2. Fascism
3. Tobacco Prohibition

What do you think? Comment below.

Kevin Godbee

Kevin Godbee is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of Cigar Chronicles. Kevin started smoking cigars in 1998 and started an online cigar magazine & community site in 2005. (The site was acquired in 2008 and no longer exists.) He launched in 2009, and in less than three years the site has become the largest trafficked pipe smoking related site, and the #1 Source for Pipes and Pipe Tobacco Information.

In the beginning of his career, Kevin worked in the hobby and specialty toy business for 16 years in sales, marketing, advertising and product development for three different manufacturers, and with his own company.

Over the last 10 years working in the online business, he has become an expert in Internet Marketing and SEO. Kevin is a Certified Master Tobacconist (CMT) through Tobacconist University, a member of Cigar Rights of America and is a "Media Member" of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association. In his spare time he plays guitar, cooks, and enjoys all the wonderful places to go and things to do in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida where he lives in his penthouse bachelor pad.

By Kevin Godbee

Below is an interesting update on what’s going on with the FDA trying to take over control of premium cigars.

What scares me is –

1. How militantly fascist the antis are.
2. How ignorant to reality – (They insist that "youth" are corrupted by cigars.)
3. They want to ban internet sales of ALL tobacco products.

If that happens, I’m out of business and so are a lot of other businesses that are much bigger than mine, but still small businesses employing about 85,000 people that will all be out of work.

We like our Cigar Babes to feel comfortable when they’re hanging around the Cigar Chronicles studios. Ira thought it would be a nice way to relax wearing lingerie while smoking her cigar, and we encourage that.

Ira is Smoking a Cigar in Lingerie – CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL GALLERY